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We, (rather I) have been doing Computer, Consulting Intenet whatever, video production and graphic arts for about 15 years.

I teach it, I do it, I still love it.

We now help families put tgether DVD Video presentations for all occasions .
Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebration of Life Memorials, Class Reunions, Graduations,
Weddings, Retirement Parties and other Special Occasions
Check out our site there are a few fun things to look at.

If we can be of service Please Give us a call
and we wil see if we can make somehting happen for your special occasion.



Special special Comments from Families I have helped.

The following comment was overheard when I  was in the other room.

John Flora: commented to two sisters of the
Wendy Rae DeMarco Family

"This guy needs an honorary degree in Grief Counseling,
This has been the best five hours I have ever spent with anyone."

Their reply " We both agree. We came in last friday, night with our Niece,  when we came in we were all crying and weeping and moping and when we left  two hours later, we were all laughing our heads off."

another comment after a Celebration of Life Memorial
held at the Shedd, in downtown Eugene.

David do you really know what you did here today?

I was at a total loss of what to reply with, so I said something stupid like
"Well I hope you  got everything that you needed or wanted today:"
The father said, NO! no! no! What you did today was,

"You became a part of our family today"

and then I got a huge hug.

"all I can say is, that brought serious tears to my eyes"
I see him driving around town occasionally, and he is always honking and waving.

I remember much more than the above comments,

The list is huge, Many of the people I have done work for,

Have all become a part of my extended family, I get cards and phone calls out of the blue,
they come by on a whim to see how I am doing,
It is totally, unbelievable.

I never dreamed I would be doing what I am doing today.

My friends come in and say to me

"How can you deal with all of this death?" my reply
"I have never seen a dead person yet, walk in my front door."

Below, are just  a few Thankyou cards I have received from families.  

A few other comments on special Thank You Letters sent to us.

"Thank you for making such a desperate time so tolerable, we will never ever forget what you did for our family."

A phone call from Susan Ritchie.
"David my brother and I want to give you something for what you did. (after meeting Susan at her downtown store, she commented
The Family did not want me to forget what I had done for them,

I said  or guaranteed her,
"I could not forget the Harry Ritchie family,
her dad Harry was one of the bigger than life people, it's kind of hard to forget people like that" ( there is much more to this story but let's leave at this.}
The gift,  was a very nice watch. ( I did get to choose also )

And I tell these stories fairly often.