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Equipment Rental Price List

Now that you are here, and you found me.

I am the only person you will find in Eugene, Oregon that has video projectors
 and sound systems that you will be able to find for rent in the next 25 hours of searching on the internet.

Read on to see how lucky you are.

A couple of the rental businesses do have crummy equipment that YOU can Rent: and YOU can setup to make work.

Pro Sound and Video also has projectors to rent you. ( you setum up, make work ) How?

Let's, First start out with a little
explanantion of what our rentals consist of. WE RENT Video Projectors, sound systems, projection screens, Cameras
and Video Editing Facilities, etc.

We, DO NOT, rent out equipment like most rental agencies. do not forget to read our prices at the bottom of this page.

Our equipment comes with for lack of a better term a Dave attachment (me).
I am rather attached to the health and well being of my equipment.

Why ?
I have rented out equipment in the past to well qualified technicians and it has come back broken.
So now if you wish to rent my equipment I will be attached to it.

Heck, It is fragile, so to save you the mental anguish of bringing back broken stuff.

I choose to show up at your event
and if need be,
I will break it myself. and not even charge you for it.

Now for the good news,

We charge about the same as a rental equipment business and I come with it, to deliver it, to set it up, and make it work.
I usually stay for the length of the event , then I take it it all down and put it back in my van then I take it home and then once again take it back out of my van and put it back together so that I can find all of the necessary parts so that I can do it with flawless perfection at the next event.
I not only show up with one set of equipment, I generally show up with backup equipment as well.

Local rental prices 250.00
There are a couple of exceptions,
which may add 100.oo to this cost
(well, it's almost at the bottom)
First your project needs to be tested the day before in our office,
I do this on all types of Windows computers, Macintosh computers,
Dvd Players, iPods etc. and guess what,

A whole bunch of ppeople out there do not know how to make a DVD and or a Powerpoint presentation work the way it should work,

Never trust a winwoes computer to work perfectly,...... ever.

17 years of as a widows and macintosh computer consultant gives me the right
to doubt windows ability to do anything when the chips are down.
sorry Bill Gates,(you owe me a million dollars for all of the crap that I have had to put up with)

Sorry for that, now for  the rest of the rental story.
What you get in addition to the rental price, "ME" not just as a setup person, but as the operator and takedown person
and a guarantee that it will work flawlessly.

Two hours or so. may be three
additional hours negotiable, in other words in all depends on how much fun I am having at your event, and how much shameless promotion you offer.
If people are having fun, I am slow to take things down.

Price includes delivery, set it up, run it, take it down and take it away.

Now for the price

WE charge 250 dollars if we do the project, this means if we create the DVD.

If you create the DVD we may add 100 dollars to this price so it may cost you 350.00 dollars to use or equipment.



If you create the DVD and there are problems with it playing, that we have to fix, on a moments notice,... count on adding 100 dollars to the price of the rental.

Your project, to work correctly must be playable on a DVD player, not a computer, never count on a computer to work at the time of need, If you do, your project will fail. When you least expect.

If it plays on a computer, you better have that computer with you, ie: laptop

WHY? you might ask?

Families have created over forty
DVD's of which more than half would not have played if I did not have the correct equipment to make it play.

they were either made on a CD not a DVD,  They created a powerpoint or some used some other obscure compter program that allows it to play just fine on their computer at home, but when

The other half I am sorry to say did not even get out of their computer, to show up at the event.

This is why if you make the DVD you will be required to get it to me at least 24 hours prior to the time that it needs to be played so that I can test it to see if it works correctly, or if YOU! need to make adjustments,

At this time all of the projects that I have been involved with have played at the specified event.
Five were fixed just moments before the event started with a huge amount of stress involved on all parties involved, including me, that is worth a bunch of bucks as far as I am concerned.

I have seen a bunch of professionally made powepoint presentations at one particular event in Eugene Oregon, where 5 (five) out of 7 (seven) did not play on the available computers.

I warned them all ahed of time much the same as I have done here, 

Practice, practice, practice.



One of these I will remake the video that goes here, It got lost somewhere on the internet.






Coming Soon.
Our new easy to understand price list

What do we have to Rent ?

2 - Video Projectors (2500 Lumens)

2 - 8x 10 Foot   Projection Screens 
       4:3 format with tripod stands

2 - 10 foot x 69 inch 16:9 format wall mount       or special stands for seminar type booths / folding aluminum frames with snap on front and or rear projection screens.

TWO FENDER Amplifiers Systems
1-150 WATT with stands
1-250 WATT with stands
Both Have the Power to make a hard of hearing person move  to the back of the room, if necessary Wired Microphone (no extra charge)

If you need a reote microphone we will charge an extra 30.00 Dollars for the setup.

3 - 3 chip Sony TRV 900 SD cameras, which       we use for video taping events

1 - HD Camera Sony FX1 for use by special                request only.

4 - Digital Eight Sony TRV 820 

1- Digital Eight Sony TRV 520 

All Equipment comes with delivery, setup, and takedown.

2 - Macintosh Laptops- Dual Core 2 and a Power PC

1 - 30 Gig IPod loaded with music for your event

1 - Toshiba  Laptop

We can play anything even Powerpoint Presentations