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Please Contact us for directions
Eugene, Oregon 97402


First a little information on how to proceed  and create

a successful final DVD project "Communication is the Key"

My phone number and email address are both located above.
( I have created over 400 celebration of Life DVD's for families)

We do not create junk powerpoint presentations
nor do we create picture picture slideshows that play without

Our projects are choreographed to the music
and all pictures have music behind them.

All  of your pictures in the project,
play with music and pictures being choreographed together.

I also video tape memorial services or celebration oflife services

I do not stand in the back and vidoe

I try to get video of people making comments so you can see their true emotions, during this  sad  sincere moement.


How we charge for what we create

Gathering Pictures and Music

How I Organize your  Pictures

For first hand information,
our projects are almost always over 120 pictures.

Some companies have a hard time creating 
video DVD's that are over 50 picutres in length,
Why? because they use crummy software to make them.

Our projects are compltely hand built.
we do not use just 1 program to make them,
we use several programs to create the final project.

Further down  on this page are a few examples of our work,
most have been created in less than a week.

One of my projects was for Harmon Killibrew there were 736 pictures in the project
it took about a month to complete. It was about an hour long and a lot
of fun getting to know Harmon Killibrew and his family from the ground up.

I am one of the only people in the world that has 736 plus pictures of a
National League Baseball Hall of Famer

We alter pictures, clean them up, use video from whatever source you currently have it on.

WE can take or make video from  old 8mm or 16 mm film reels, vhs tape, high 8, regular 8, digital eight, etc.

We also convert special VHS tapes  to DVD's

Please Note:
Looking at information is not the same
as a personal conversation, call us and
we will explain exactly what we do and
what we have available.


Here are some other things that I do,

I am a computer user - babysitter, 
I teach computer users how to correctly (hopefully) use their computers better.
I am well versed in  Information Technologies, 
I create video projects for business and families.
I create web pages but that is not my goal in life.

Here are a couple of links to other things that I am involved in.
themacprofessor.com      or     videooregon.com 

We are attempting to create a shared resource facility, to find out more about
what this means, read on we have several people involved with the hopes of
helping people learn more about how to use computers and technology
to their advantage and not just using it for email.

themacprofessor.com      or     video-oregon.com    or    fiberalternatives.com

If you cannot view any of the
video's on this page you will need to install Quicktime Player
in your computer. It is Free

It is very easy to install.  
Please go to



We create DVD / Video / Picture Presentations.

When we are done you will have a 
Family Keepsake to treasure for a lifetime.


The projects you see are just a few
examples of what we can do.

We can add old film clips, audio clips, special effects , video clips from old video cameras.

We have the ability to convert any media
that you may have, to be used in a
digital video presentation.

Please Note:
Looking at information is not the same
as a personal conversation, call us and
we will explain exactly what we do and
what we have available.  

You may even come down and we will
take the time to show you in person,
what and how we go about creating
your family keepsake.


The following statement is hard to for me to begin with but, I have given it much thought, so ... Here it goes

First Ask,
Do You want the Best?
What is the Experience Level of the person creating the DVD?

Is it a powerpoint presentation?

The answer to the powerpoint question should be NO, absolutely not.
We create Video DVD's (not powerpoint presentations)

Can it be played on a DVD player?
(powerpoint presentations can only be played on computers with the correct software and fonts installed)

if you create one it may not play where you want it to be played, do not trust computers MAC or Windows if you want your presentation to work.
Our projects play on simple old dvd players hooked up to your television.
They do not require a computer to work.

Everyone can do this, right?
Everyone has a computer.
Does Everyone have the same ability?
The answer,
Not even close.

The Challenge is out.
Do not settle for second or fifth best.

We guarantee results, levels way past our best competition.

No We are not afraid of saying 

We Are the Best.
Compare our QUALTY
Compare our Service
Compare our Caring Attitude
Compare our Prices
Compare our Computer Skills
Compare the amount of time it takes
       for us to finish our Presentations.

It will not happen elsewhere.

Last but not the least
Compare our Happy Clients

Call us at 541-767-8922
or email us at


Before You Begin...

...ask yourself the following questions:
What do I hope to accomplish?
Is the person really qualified to give me more than
I should be getting or  want, or even know about.

What do I want from this project?
Who is my intended audience? Family? Friends? Historians? Researchers? The public?
How much of my life do I want to cover the entire journey or just one memory at a time?
To write my own memoirs, how much guidance do I need? Will my story require a
teacher, a class, an editor, an interviewer, or someone to organize the whole project?
In an audio or video interview, who will be interviewed, one person, a couple, a family, an organization, or a company?
Where will the interviews take place?
What photographs and documents should I add?
Do I want artwork or graphic design in my project?
Do I have a hobby, a collection, or some well-loved places I would like to show in this project?
What is my budget?
What is the form of personal history best suited to this budget?
Phone: 541-767-8922
email: dray@efn.org


Harry Ritchie
Celebration of Life Presentation


until it works again
Click  here

This Presentation is over 20 minutes long
It contains Old video clips,



This next DVD consists of music by a group of Scottish Singers who stayed with Carmen Yokum during their visit to Eugene,  Oregon.

Carmen Winniford Yokum

Celebration of Life Presentation



Clicking on the links below will either download a copy
to your computer or it will open in a browser such as
Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari
Then you will get the option to save it for future use.

Equipment Rental Price List

Here is one more,

Tony Celebrated his 80th Birthday, and I have been
told that when he cannot sleep at night
he uses this video to help put himself to sleep


this is 33 minutes long