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The information you find here is all about Lane Media and How we do Business.When you click on a link you will see
a pdf file which you can then save to your computer.

The first File is a standard contract between the Customer who is requesting a DVD be made and Lane Media.
Because of the time involved and the circumstances surrounding most of the memorial DVD's we create.

We do not require that the family read, fill out or evensign the contract.
However, You have been provided information on how to get to this page, either from one of our business cards,
by word of mouth, by email, or possibly by viewing the information on the   LANE MEDIA BROCHURE
by having gone to our web page at

We will however, hold to all of the provisions within this contract and any other information provided to you on our site.

1. Commission Contract

2. How we Charge-2013  for what we create.

3. Collecting and Organizing Pictures

4. How we organize your pictures

5. Fair use Doctrine


We have a varied price List i. First I like to let the families be involved in making the video if they want

Burning DVDs ranges from 20 to 30 dollars to create a DVD from your project that is all ready finished.
It is time consuming to  copy it over to a hard drive and then make a movie file that we can use to Burn a DVD.

From there we have a base price for Celebration of Life DVD's What is a Celebration of life DVD?  (you might ask)
The best way to inform you is straight out face to face. There is a link to How we charge can be found in the above blue links .or just below here

2. How we Charge-2013  for what we create.

You ask whatever questions you may have and we will give you all of the information that you might need to make your decision

We have made DVD's from 90 pictures to 725 pictures Generally they are around 120 pictures when we make a DVD
We charge 100 dollars for every 30 pictures, after the first 90.

90 Pictures are approximately 10 minutes to 12 minutes in Length

Please understand this it is not just a 3 second picture after picture after picture  presentation

We look for things in pictures of what the picture may be all about
Most people do not understand what I just said.

That is why our Presentations are said to be  the best they have ever seen.

(we do not use power point or movie maker to create our projects, they were both made for a reason.
I am a windows computer consultant since 1994 or so
and I am still trying to figure out the reason they were made for

Movie maker was made about the year 2000 or so and it should have been discontinues in 1999 ( before it was released.)
Powerpoint  has some good things to be use for specific page type of presentations but when you try to do video or actual video DVD's there are a bunch of things or gliches that will happen,when creating a DVD video things you need to watch out for.
Like when adding sound to the presentation.

some programs do not let you add sound  in a definite place.

What happens pictures without sound or sound without pictures.

With our presentations there is always a sound file behind every picture.

WE do not have glichs in our presentations, If one is there we will fix it
But it is probably there becausee of a time constraint in creating the DVD.

sometimes Like I said earlier.
We usually only get three days to scan and make a presentation and the create the other special effeccts

Some of these things we have to do would spin you around in circles within the first hour "Guaranteed "

Whatever I just said, probably no one will ever read this Rant but I can  always say the warning was on my site.
We use a program that has a thousand dollar suite of things that in include dozens several hundreds of Video transitions & Title transitions & Video Effects & Audio Effects.

And a Ken Burns type of effect we use,
 is the best app that I have ever found, it lets you make a 3 second picture into a  picture that will act like a video and show anything
you want to focus on that is in the picture in a close up manner.

On of of my Celebration of Life DVd's
I was given  a picture that was one inch square in size.
It was a picture of a little boy about 6 or 7 years old,  in the 1930's or so
Standing on the walkway to an old house.
Wearing an old Buster Brown type of sailor suit.

Until I scanned the picture and blew it up, all it was was a picture.

Until I THEN noticed what the picture was all about.
As the picture panned in for a closeup of the little boy.

Everyone noticed what was happening.

He had no teeth they were all missing every one in the Audience roared with laughter

It was a hilarious moment during a Memorial Service

WE start pictures from just the face of the person, and then move to a toy they are holding and then to the dog or cat in the picture
You can use is to take up extra time with extra left over video or just make it the most special picture in the DVD.

I get comments from everyone when we show these presentations on how nice or great the DVD was.

WE Also scan the pictures and fix pictures
That need to be fixed or color corrected.

We can take people out of pictures or add people into special pictures  (providing that there is a picture that will work of that person)

We have lots of these to show you if you want to come to our place and see what we do

Please Remember this fixing pictures is free, when we do it it is a part of our charge, we mostly focus on the face first
 we are usually against a time frame most of our projects are done in three or four days There is only so much you can do in this time frame.

most places will charge you a bunch tof money to fix a picture I have some very badli damaged pictures that turned out great

We can fix tears and badly damaged pictures our charge for the first 90 pictures with music is 375 .00 dollars

Our price has not changed since we began and we have quite a few people that say we create the best they have ever seen.

We have done over 400 and you can view a few of the older ones at

We have since created quite a few unique DVD's

We do not create picture - picture - DVD's or Powerpoint presentations

We create Keepsake Celebration of Life DVD's

look up Celebration of Life Eugene Oregon we are listed as number 2

Here is an Easy Link to copy and paste into  the URL area of your web browser, You can clickon the link for more information.

Scroll down and watch a few videos they may not play depending on your internet connection or if your computer is setup correctly.

They should play

or one of our DVDs located here
Thank you for coming and reading this long winded document.

I would apologize but this is someones life story  of pictures and music.

And I do them exactly how I want my done.

We can add in video, voice  and if there is enough time we can even put in 8mm film or 16 mm film in the project.

We create our projects  on a high end Macintosh computer
we have some of the best software available, that can outdo anything you can create on a Windwoes machine

How do I know?
| am a Windwoes computer consultant that gets all of his work done on a Macintosh
With 19 years of computer fixing and people fixing or babysitting.

Lets say our projects are choreographed to the music -- no pictures with out music no music with out pictures.

NO Gliches, no white spots on the sides of the pictures, ( that is just the holding mechanism they made to keep finger off of the picture.

The story is lonk I tell people if you want to know the Class  is 18 years of 12 hour days playing on computers

Both Windoze, Smackintosh and some Linux

Unlike our competition, if we truly  had any. I have said this before you probably did not rea dit

We offer quite a few amenities for free. That most of our competition cannot afford to do the things we do or offer to you without a major EXTRAS charge but you have to ask Questions to find
out who is full of it. This page pretty much covers all of the questions you need to ask or know about

But there is nothing like a face to face conversation

I can back up my claims, can they?
Most of them cannot answer or do what we claim we can create or do.
I am still waiting for that person to show up, and I will tell HIM that he has it right.

Every Family has a different set of requests, we try our hardest to meet and exceed their expectations.

Some of our projects( the ones with more than 120 pictures appear to be very expensive,
but if you were to compare our final product, with projects made by other companies or individuals,
we can just about guarantee that our final product will most definitely be your final choice.

We do have testimonials that our clients have offered, several have even offered to tell you in person if you feel the need.

  Technology Support - Digital Media Studio
       HOME                         DIGITAL MEDIA STUDIO                           
       The MAC Professor
     "we do windows also"       

Our Digital Media Studio is primarily a self-help facility.  Technology Support staff will provide instruction and assistance, but we will not work on your project for you.  This resource is available for anyone who comes into our office.

There is a charge for use of our Equipment and if we do your project for you,  there will be a charge for instruction and assistance as well.    I have spent almost twenty years of 12 hour days learning what you want to know, is that worth something?

Digital Audio & Video Editing

We provide support for Garageband and iMovie  on the Macintosh platform for digital audio and video editing.  The features contained in these programs are usually more than adequate for any academic or work-related project.

For more advanced editing, Logic Express and Final Cut Express are available as well.  Support for these more advanced programs is very limited; users who choose to create projects with these tools are expected to be largely self-reliant.

Graphic & Web Design ( we have some of the best software available, we purchased it, it cost a lot of money, however we will let you use it, but we will not make it available for you to take home or install it on your own computer, You will have to purchase your own versions.  

Microsoft Publisher ( the loser application) and iWeb serve as introductory design programs, while for more advanced users we offer the Adobe Creative Suite 3, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.


Scanning services include photo scanning, slide scanning, film scanning, document scanning, and PDF scanning.  Specialized scanning such as high resolution scanning is offered via integration with Adobe Creative Suite.

Analog Conversion & Dubbing

Conversion of analog materials:

- Analog Devices (i.e. Camcorders) to DVD / iMovie

- VHS to DVD/iMovie

- Cassette Tape to CD/MP3/AAC or DVD

- International VHS to Local VHS (NTSC)

Dubbing of analog materials:

- VHS to VHS (real time)

- Audio Cassette to Audio Cassette (high speed)

We have lots of other digital media capabilities, the ones listed above are just a few of what we offer.

Go to The Rental Info page if you want to find out what else we offer